Legion of Merit -- ICH. Barrage of Quality Hill, SOM
CH. Alidan's Royal Charger
CH. Amity Hall's Master Key
CH. Barmere's Vanessa
CH. Barmere's Veronica
CH. Becrelen's Hackle Hi
CH. Bolo's Clover
CH. C-Ton's Kall Girl
CH. Cajon's Calling Card, SOM
CH. Cajon's Can-Can
CH. Childer's Kelly Kanakoa
CH. Dar-Yea's Beau Bang
CH. Daycee
CH. Delhart's Diamond Lil
CH. Duchess of Rego Park
AM CAN CH. Eldic's Darius, SOM
CH. Evo-Wen's Dynamo
CH. Flintwood's After Hours
CH. Flintwood's Darlin' Jill
CH. Flintwood's Maelstrom
CH. Flintwood's Miss Mayhem
CH. Flintwood's Places Please
CH. Flintwood's Subtle Sequence
CH. Marlaine's Gay Patrick
CH. Marlaine's Princess Shawn
CH. Marquam Hill's Fashion Plate
AM CAN CH. Marquam Hill's Flamingo, DOM
CH. May-Will's Schauspieler
CH. Mill River's Delight
CH. Mill River's Key Factor
CH. Mill River's Kwamina
CH. Mont Sue's Lieutenant Mike
CH. On Fire of Grayarlin
CH. On Parade of Grayarlin
CH. Rococo's Major Muir
AM CAN CH. Salgray's Battle Chief, SOM
CH. Salgray's Dixie Gal
CH. Salgray's Radar
CH. Salgray's Radiance
CH. Shir-Jax's Anchor Man
CH. Sigro's Eclair
CH. Stapleton's Show Gir
CH. Talisman of Pine Run
CH. Terudon's Kiss Me Kate
CH. Van's Citation
CH. Wellsgarden Paratrooper

Huffand's Autumn Blaze, CD
Malabar's Mr. Mike, UD

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