Legion of Merit -- AM/CAN CH. Golden Haze Tuxedo, SOM
CH. Baldr's Something In Red
CH. Baldr's Black Tie And Tails, SOM
CH. Cherkei's Arriba Gone With The Wind
CH. Cherkei's Arriba Of Creekwood
CH. Cherkei's High Cotton, SOM
CH. Cherkei's Song Of The South, DOM
CH. Cherkei's Temptation Tuesday
AM/CAN CH. Dorado's Tainted Love
CH. Druid Mystery O'Burks
AM/FCI CH. Druid Stones O'Burks
CH. Eedee-K's Moxie Lady, DOM
CH. Glennroe Tequila Gold
CH. Glennroe Cafe Mocha
AM/CAN CH. Golden Haze Money To Burn
AM/CAN CH. Heart Acres Formal Attire, SOM
CH. Heart Acres Escort In Black, SOM
AM/CAN CH. Heart Acres Satin Shoes
CH. Higo's After Six
CH. Huffand's Chi Chi, DOM
AM/CAN CH. Huffand's Harley 'D'
CH. Huffand's Harley Girl
CH. Huffand's Obsession Of Arriba, DOM
CH. Hy-Land Yule Gift Of Magi
CH. Jopa's Great Gusto Of Higos, SOM
AM/CAN CH. Josha's Linebacker, CD, CGC, SOM, LOM
CH. Lin Lau's Sicilian Black Satin
CH. Misty Valley's Vancroft Bo Derek
CH. Moon Valley's Marked Woman
CH. Moon Valley's Play It Again Sam
AM/CAN CH. Packapunch Cash In To Fame
CH. RBR's Character Witness
CH. Scarborough Living Proof, DOM
CH. Santi Me Hay Wire, SOM, NA, NAJ
CH. Santi Me Megabucks
CH. Santi Me Midas Touch
CH. Santi Me Wild Cherry
CH. Sirrocco's Far More Fair, DOM
CH. Sirrocco's Kiss By The Book
AM/CAN CH. Sirrocco's Night's Candles
CH. Sirrocco's Sea-Maid's Music
CH. Storybook's Autographed Copy
CH. Storybook's Happily Evr After
CH. Storybook's Make Believe
AM/CAN CH. Syrr Run's Gold Card, CGC, DOM
CH. Vik-Torious Cowboy Baba Ghanoosh
AM/CAN CH. Zephyr's A Few Dollars More
AM/CAN CH. Zephyr's Color Of Money
AM/CAN CH. Zephyr's Heaven Help Us

CAN CH. Ajays Impossible Dream, CD, OVC
AM/CAN CH. Josha's Linebacker, CD, CGC, SOM, LOM
CH. Santi Me Hay Wire, SOM, NA, NAJ
Zephyr's China Doll, CDX, TT
Zephyr's Persnickety, CD
Zephyr's Personality Plus, CD

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