Legion of Merit -- AM/CAN CH. Fiero's Tally-Ho Tailo, SOM
CH. Breezewood's Diamonds R Forever, DOM
CH. Breezewood For Your Eyes Only
CH. Breezewood's Never Say Never
CH. Brillig's Callooh Callay
CH. Brillig's O Frabjous Day
AM/CAN CH. Brillig's Vorpal Blade
CH. Cascade's Yankee Traveler
CH. Debut's Desperado, CD, SOM
CH. Debut's Ruby Tuesday
CH. High River's Babbler
CH. High River's Papillon
CH. Hi-Tech Albert of Ironbark
CH. Hi-Tech Charles of Ironbark
CH. Hi-Tech Current Edition, SOM
CH. Hi-Tech Diana of Ironbark
CH. Hi-Tech Fergie of Ironbark
CH. Hi Tech's Alliance
CH. Hi-Tech's Arbitrage, LOM
CH. Hi Tech's Dream Girl
CH. Hi-Tech's Heir Apparent
CH. Hi Tech's Impulse
CH. Hi-Tech's Magnetic Attraction
CH. Hi-Tech's Marksman
CH. Hi-Tech's Prodigy
CH. Hi-Tech's Rapture
CH. Hi-Winds Patent Pending
CH. Hi-Winds Victory Rose, CD
CH. Interlude's Tradewind
CH. Jopa's Plenty Of Pizzazz
CH. Jopa's Sparkle Plenty
CH. Jubilee's the Right Majic
CH. Mica's Cream Of The Crop
CH. Mistyvalley's Blonde Ambition
CH. Mistyvalley's Curtain Call, SOM
CH. Mistyvalley's Curtain Up
CH. New Dawn's Hercule Poirot
CH. Nutmeg's Spice Of Life
AM/CAN CH. Pinepath's Night Watch, SOM
CH. Raypat's Jamie
CH. Raypat's Molly Dee
CH. Talisman's Phantom
CH. Trefoil's Lili Marlene, DOM
CH. Trefoil's Piano Man
CH. UHK Impulse JP Tailo Gold Medal
CH. Vancroft's Moonlighting
CH. Vik Torious Twas Brillig
CH. Wyndham's Philadel Firestorm

CH. Debut's Desperado, CD, SOM
CH. Hi-Winds Victory Rose, CD

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