Legion of Merit -- AM/CAN CH. Marquam Hill's Traper of TuRo, SOM
AM CAN CH. Anchic's Heartbreaker of Turo
CH. Araby's Black Label
CH. Araby's Black Watch, SOM
CH. Arriba's Cherkei Fancy Free, DOM
CH. Arriba's Footloose, SOM
CH. Arriba's Havenrun Free Spirit, CD
CH. Bee-Mike's Grand Illusion
CH. Ber-Beu's Solid Prophesy
CH. Bovel's Berry Jubilee Aalida, UD
CH. Bullock's Isaac of Turo
CH. Bullock's Isaiah of Turo
AM CAN CH. Cinnrhee's Mug Shot
CH. D J's High Roller
CH. D J's Hot Lips
CH. De-Miro's Armando
CH. De-Miro's Gian Carlo
CH. De-Miro's Silver Lining
CH. De-Miro's Topeka
AM CAN CH. Draymia's Total Package, CD, SOM
CH. Fraulein Donandru's Charisma
CH. Gin-Ll's Tribute to Starjax
AM/CAN CH. Golden Haze Tuxedo, SOM, LOM
CH. Goldfield's Eagle Dancer
CH. Goldfield's Eye Dazzler
CH. Hyde Park's Gale
CH. Hyde Park's Gulliver
CH. Interlude's Gotta Lotta Heart
CH. Interlude's Tender Trap
CH. Interlude's Traper Jon
CH. Jopa's Call Me Mr of Stardom
CH. Jopa's Lasting Passion
CH. Karjean's Goin for The Gold
CH. Keil's Rebellion
AM CAN CH. Keil's Renaissance, DOM
AM CAN CH. Mephisto's Black Sabbath, DOM
AM CAN CH. Mephisto's Lovecall
CH. Moon Valley's Image
CH. Moon Valley's Intrepid
CH. Permut's Hot Shot
CH. Philadel Bacchus of Donandru
CH. Philadel Cincinnati Gambler
CH. Philadel's Circuit Rider
CH. Raklyn's Rebellion
CH. Rummer Run's Memo of Box Run
CH. Salgray's Samurai
CH. Sarazak's Texas Ranger
CH. Suncrest's Tiffany
CH. Tallassee's Graefin, CD
CH. Trabert's Barnstormer
CH. Turo's Accolade, SOM
CH. Turo's Allure
CH. Turo's Allusion of Hi-Tech
CH. Turo's Applause
CH. Turo's Cachet
CH. Turo's Caress
CH. Turo's Chancelor of Donandru
CH. Turo's Connoisseur
CH. Turo's Emblem
CH. Turo's Empire, SOM
CH. Turo's Gamine of Hyde Park
CH. Turo's Paragon of Pax
CH. Turo's Silhouette
CH. Vel-Kel's Apatche Warrior
CH. Virgo's Orion of Turo
AM/CAN CH. Wagner Wilvirday Famous Amos, SOM, LOM
CH. Will-Ve's I Am A Miracle
CH. Wilvirday's Golden Boy

CH. Arriba's Havenrun Free Spirit, CD
Armac's No Serenca, CD
Bovel's Bart Woodly V Aalida, CD
CH. Bovel's Berry Jubilee Aalida, UD
AM CAN CH. Draymia's Total Package, CD, SOM
Hyde Par's Free Agent, CD
Pax' Mardi Gras, CD
Paultomars Pride of Wilandor, CD
CH Tallassee's Graefin, CD
Trabert's Thank You Townley, CD

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