Legion of Merit -- CH. Bang Away of Sirrah Crest, SOM
CH. Adina's Whoop-De-Do
CH. Apple Lane's X-Trey
CH. Bang Bang Baby
CH. Barmere's High Hat
CH. Barmere's Talisman
CH. Barmere's Toastmaster
CH. Barmere's Trouble Shooter
CH. Baroque of Quality Hill
AM/CAN CH. Barrage of Quality Hill, SOM, LOM
CH. Barrette of Quality Hill
CH. Beaulaine's Bandleader
CH. Beaulaine's Parlay
CH. Bilger's Brandy Flip
CH. Bilger's Parade Away
CH. Blaric's Gamboleer
CH. Bon-Gay's Bangle Bang
CH. Brayshaw's Mr Morgan Robert's
CH. Bronze Devil of Jamer
AM CAN CH. Bustlin' Betsy of Blossomlea
CH. Carbon Copy of Twin Willows
CH. Cloudland Julianna
CH. Denebola of Jofra
CH. Evo-Wen's Highbinder
CH. Fre-Mac's Mark Ye Well
CH. Galano's Bing Bang Boom
CH. Halo of Twin Willows
CH. Harawyn's Rhumba Girl
CH. Hectic Acres' Loud Speaker
AM CAN CH. Helixview Noble Knight, SOM
CH. Helixview Dawn at Sky-Hi
CH. Highland's Guided Missile
CH. Highlight of Jofra
AM CAN CH. Holiday Ranch's Stardust
CH. Jagmar of Avenel
CH. Jasmine of Avenel
CH. Jered's Scintillator
CH. Jered's Sovereign, SOM
CH. Kernia Helios
CH. Khorasan's Apache
CH. Khorasan's Arabesque
CH. Khorasan's Armed
CH. Khorasan's Atomic
CH. Klondike Gold of Tomira
CH. Law-Ly's Brinda-Bang
CH. Lewgin Lane's Jorla Bang
CH. Lewgin Lane's Rippling Rythem
CH. Lewgin Lane's Whizz Bang
CH. Lindenfeld's Fancy Fair
CH. Linnay's Bell Boy
AM CAN CH. Los Arboles King Kong
CH. Los Arbole's Ding Dong
CH. Lottery's Saba
CH. Lucas' Beau Brummel
CH. Lucky Blarney O'Downey
CH. Mariendom's Dagmar
CH. Marquam Hill's Comanche, SOM
CH. Marwal's Manassa Mauler
CH. Marwal's Satisfactual, DOM
AM CAN CH. Marwal's Sugar Ray
CH. Meritaire's Fancy Fre
CH. Mill River's Top Bracket
CH. Prima Donna of Jacaranda
CH. Regalaire's Flashaway
CH. Rockmont's Glamour
CH. Rockmont's Glitter
CH. Spring Song of Sirrah Crest
AM CAN CH. Steeplechase Up and Away
CH. Storybrook's Jack Horner
CH. Surfspray's Ringleader
CH. Sylvan Park's Dashing Beaux
CH. Tabulator of Twin Willows
CH. Treceder's High Falutin
CH. Treceder's High Folly
CH. Turney's Whizzaway
CH. Van's Blythe Spirit
CH. Vaunaire's Stormy Weather
CH. Wall-In's Mello-Dee
CH. Wileyfaye's Flighty Flirt
AM CAN CH. Wileyfaye's Fly Boy
CH. Wise-Acre's Huckster
CH. Worthyway of Sirrah Crest

Bang Away's Brandy, CD
Beaulaine's Misty Morn, CD
Caraway of Quality Hill, CD
Eldric's Beaux Bang, CDX
Hosteen Yazzi, CD
Marlo's Poplet, CD
Peg Away of Amarillo, CD
Rie-Mac's Double Did, UD
Star Crest of Arylan, CD

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