Legion of Merit -- ICH. Millan's Fashion Hint, SOM
CH. Abbeyroad's Debutant
AM CAN CH. Aracrest's Amnesty
INT CH. Aracrest's Courier of Holly Lane
AM CAN CH. Aracrest's Fashion Impact
CH. Becrelen's Dolly Madison
CH. Becrelen's Export
CH. Becrelen's Import, SOM
CH. Becrelen's Starduster
CH. Becrelen's Sunduster
CH. Braemerwood's Fun 'N Fashion
CH. Braemerwood Happy Tracks, SOM
CH. Co-Vi-Jo's Defiance
CH. EWO's Halfback
CH. EWO's Tailback
AM CAN CH. Gaylord's Kopper Kate
CH. Goodmanacre Jet of Interlude
CH. Ha-Mar Hint of Fashion
CH. Ha-Mar Hint of Shady Lady, DOM
CH. Ha-Mar I'm A Wyn-Ah
AM CAN CH. Hansparke's Fashion Fair, DOM
CH. Hintz's Top Brass
CH. Hydalis U-Betcha
CH. Jim-Pat's Assai Ben Marcotto
CH. Jojac's Dark Twiggy
CH. Jojac's Domino
CH. Jojac's Magic Moment, DOM
CH. Kiawah Debonair Dolly
AM CAN CH. Memorylane's Caramelo
AM CAN CH. Memorylane's Falcon
AM CAN CH. Memorylane's Fashion Escort
AM CAN CH. Memorylane's Sunset
AM CAN CH. Mephisto's Intermezzo
CH. Merrilane's Holiday Fashion, SOM
CH. Millan's Citation
CH. Millan's Gay Bug
CH. Millan's Hasit
CH. Millan's Monalisa
AM CAN CH. Millan's Queen of Fashion
AM CAN CH. Millan's Venture
AM CAN CH. Moore's Fashionable Miss
CH. Navajo's Midnite Hustler
AM CAN CH. Peablo's Black Bishop
CH. Renno's Front Page
CH. Ringmaster's Olimpian
CH. Ringmaster's Standing Ovation
CH. Salgray's Jitterbug, DOM
INT CH. Scher-Khoun's Coquette
INT CH. Scher-Khoun's Delegation
INT CH. Scher-Khoun's Electioneer
INT CH. Scher-Khoun's Shadrack, SOM, LOM
INT CH. Scher-Khoun's Syncopation
CH. September Sun Baldr
CH. Sir Ivan-Ho of Camelot
CH. Tamara's Autumn Fashion
CH. The Godfather
CH. Turo's Native Dancer, SOM, LOM

Tempo's Scarlet Ribbons, CD
Vista's Little Girl, CD
Vista's Velvet Knight, CD

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