Boxer Basics: A Visual Study of the AKC Standard

The following pages are adapted from the Boxer Basics: A Visual Study of the AKC Standard    by Eleanor Linderholm-Wood    © 2000, All Rights Reserved

Approved by The Board of Directors - American Boxer Club - Sept 27, 2001

The original presentation of the Illustrated Standard has been adapted for presentation in the WWW environment. A number of the illustrations have been reduced in size and resolution from the originals to reduce the time for downloading.

Introduction | General Appearance & Guide to Judging | Proportion of Head & Body
Head Studies - Male & Female | The Bite | Forequarters & Hindquarters
Side View of Color Disqualification | Front & Rear View of Color Disqualification
Side Gait | Front & Rear Perspective of Gait | Front & Rear Skeletal Structure
Anatomy of the Boxer | Temperament

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