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Committee Chairperson(s)

ABC By-Laws Sharon Steckler 281-242-1178
ABC Specialty Reporter Christina Ghimenti 510-489-3579
Agility Jill Hootman 931-647-8766
Agility/Obedience/Performance Certificates Rebecca Gilchrist 319-573-0958
Annual Conformation Awards Julie Lawrence 501-580-4843
Annual Obedience/Performance Awards Jill Hootman 931-647-8766
Auditor Sharon Fosseen 509-998-6122
Banquet Coordinator Annette Clark 615-414-8895
Best of Winners Plaques LuAnn Gardner 508-252-6153
Boxer Health and Research Joyce Campbell 918-521-1534
Boxer U Virginia Shames 703-569-0705
Breeder Referral Rhonda Epley 319-239-2320
Catalog Advertising Amber Gates 907-378-7352
Catalog Sales Sandra Lynch   918-355-5513
Championship/Grand Championship Certificates Larry McCoy 618-544-9203
Club Affairs
(Includes Member Club By-Laws)
Beth Downey 410-829-2455
Community Outreach Ginny Shames

Tami Mishler

Dams & Sires & Legions of Merit Suzie Campbell 405-409-5054
Larry Dosier 540-854-6154
Facebook Page Christina Ghimenti 510-489-3579
Futurity/Maturity Jeannie Hoffman 917-859-5426
Good Sportsmanship Award Larry Hughes 321-268-2535
Grievance Sharon Steckler 281-242-1178
Hall of Fame Awards & Lifetime Achievement Awards Suzie Campbell 405-409-5054
John Connolly 509-838-1883
Historian Vickie Rounsaville-Millard 918-627-3968
Christina Ghimenti 510-489-3579
Hospitality ABC Night Donna Purichia 317-259-4088
Hospitality Show Booth Sue Tafur 804-794-6776
Illustrated Standard/Boxer Basics Jessica Kozel Lemist 774-847-9219
Ann Keil 937-246-3014
"In the Know" ABC Digital News Tami Mishler 615-799-2269
Ginny Shames 703-569-0705
Internet Website
(Official ABC Website)
Vickie Rounsaville-Millard 918-627-3968
Christina Ghimenti 510-489-3579
Internet Website
(Historical Archives)
Suzie Campbell 405-409-5054
Tami Mishler 615-799-2269
Judy Voran 928-978-3969
Judges Education &
Mentor Program
Pat Healy 303-637-9947
Junior Showmanship Tim McCormack 615-390-6683
Legislation Patricia Boyd 561-775-1806
Life Members Lee Nowak 270-393-8742
Membership &
New Member Welcome Committee
Jeri Poller 561-350-0889
Membership Demographics Bonnie Wagaman 760-723-3579
Membership Directory Sandy Orr 402-659-8484
NAIA Delegate John Connolly 509-838-1883
Sharon Steckler 281-242-1178
Obedience & Rally Bobbi Compton 410-692-4200
Parade of Champions - Conformation Jennifer Crane 773-294-5503
Parade of Champions - Performance Rebecca Gilchrist 319-573-0958
Performance Plaques Sherry & Todd Buchla 770-514-7346
Public Education Jennifer Walker 248-489-1963
Publicity/Gazette Stephanie Abraham 860-423-7484
Regional Coordinator Bonnie Wagaman 760-723-3579
RV Parking/Generators Billy East 336-854-0741
Show Chair &
Assistant Show Chair
Sallie Moore-Kottas 386-212-6944
Loretta Parolisi 702-896-9929
Site Committee Tami Mishler 615-799-2269
Sunshine/Site Management Robin & Jim Fortney 207-632-8652
Teller Barbara Shayesteh  
Trophies Mary Louwerse 717-273-7278
Unsung Hero Gail S. Karwoski 203-257-9576
Vendor Space/Site Management Tony Louwerse 717-273-7278
Written Standard David Abraham 860-423-7484


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