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     Prepared by the ABC Judges' Education Committee

armando-boxer The following topics will be covered ...

      ♦ History and Function

      ♦ General Appearance

      ♦ Profile

      ♦ Unique Boxer Head

      ♦ The Boxer Bite

      ♦ Eyes

      ♦ Ears - Cropped and Uncropped

      ♦ Structure

      ♦ Movement

      ♦ Color

      ♦ Boxer Temperament

This presentation was created specifically for experienced, novice and aspiring judges to assist in gaining a better understanding of the Boxer Breed.
This presentation is available to DOWNLOAD as a PowerPoint Slideshow.     PowerPoint software or Viewer required to view.

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    Thanks to all the breeders, exhibitors and, above all, the Boxers that made this presentation possible.

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