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AKC Obedience Trial Championship Title History For Boxers

  • The Obedience Trial Championship (OTCH) title is often referred to as the "PhD" for dogs, is the highest obedience honor a dog can receive.

  • To obtain an OTCH title, a dog and handler team must earn 100 points by placing first, second, third or fourth in the Open B or Utility B class. Three first places must also be awarded from the Open B and Utility B classes.

  • To receive an invitation to the AKC National Obedience Invitational dogs must be the top OTCH and OTCH pointed dogs in each breed.

The following is the history of the Obedience Trial Championship Boxers as of December 2019.

1. OTCH Marilyns Tinamarie Of Bropat UDX TD BITCH 12/15/1991 Marilyn J Krejci / Steve Krejci
2. OTCH Sunchases Seize The Moment UDX4 OM1 BITCH 7/27/2003 Larrie Moody / Tracy Hendrickson
3. OTCH Sunchase's No Spiked Heels UDX2 BITCH 9/14/2007 Larrie Moody / Tracy Hendrickson
4. CH OTCH Sunchase's Texas Margarita UDX2 RN BITCH 4/20/2008 Peggy McConnell
5. OTCH Sunchase's Smokin' In Havana UDX2 DOG 1/31/2010 Larrie Moody / Tracy Hendrickson
6. CH OTCH Regal's Heeere's Johnny UDX OM3 RN DOG 3/27/2011 Peggy McConnell / Korinne Vanderpool

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