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AKC Versatile Companion Dog Title History For Boxers

The Versatile Companion Dog titles are titles that are designed to acknowledge and reward owners of all breeds that compete in Obedience, Agility, and Tracking events. The VCD titles are a way to showcase their tremendous talent in so many areas.

  • These dog/handler teams are truly versatile in competition. Developed in 2001 hundreds of dogs of all different breeds have been awarded VCD titles.
The following is the history of the Versatile Companion Boxer as of 2018.

1. Xenia Von Sparta CDX 01/06/2001 Cathy Hubert-Markos
2. Heartstrings Mister Davidson OA 07/14/2002 Jewell T Dunning
3. B & D's She Talks Too Much VCD1 UD OA 05/16/2004 Debra L. & Robert L. Owens
4. Josephine Von Bachbelt VCD1 12/11/2005 Terry & Renee Basye
5. Rockafellow Von Romans VCD1 CDX 09/27/2007 Michael & Shannon Romans
6. B&D's Uoughta Cdaother Guy VCD1 RE 10/07/2007 Debra L. & Robert L. Owens
7. Jakob II VCD1 NA NAJ AXP AJP 12/09/2007 Terry & Renee Basye
8. Trajan's Simply Stardust VCD1 RA 03/02/2008 Tracy J. McMahon
9. Snow Angel Monique VCD1 RE 02/14/2010 Susan Garcia
10. Hillstreams Huckleberry Friend VCD1 UD RA AX 02/12/2012 Megan L Pilarcik & Dave Pilarcik
11. Anja Von Waldstadt VCD1 RE MX MXS MXJ MJB OF 11/11/2012 Renee Fulcer
12. CH Peprhl's Dance Fever VCD1 BN RE AXP AJP THD CGC 07/27/2013 Sue Ann Thompson
13. CH Peprhl Life's A Dance With DebLyn VCD1 BN RE TDX 05/10/2014 Deb Owens
14. CH Barbiloc's Valor Of Happy Tails VCD1 BN RE AX MXJ 02/01/2015 Connie K Hillquist & Barbara A O'Connor & Amy C Bieri
15. HC CT Shera's Great Expectations "Pip" VCD1 TDU BN RA AX AXJ NF NJP HSAds HXAsM HIBs HXBs CGC TKS 02/08/2015 Reegan Ray & Barbara Riggs & William H Polonsky
16. CH CT Great Expectations Winifred Will Do! VCD1 OAJ BN RE PT HIAs HSBs TKP CGCA 11/13/2015 Reegan Ray & William Polonsky
1. Josephine Von Bachbelt VCD2 12/11/2005 Terry & Renee Basye
2. Jakob II VCD2 NA NAJ AXP AJP 12/09/2007 Terry & Renee Basye
3. Trajan's Simply Stardust VCD2 RA TDX OAP OJP 10/31/2009 Tracy J. McMahon
4. Hillstreams Huckleberry Friend VCD2 UD RA AX 02/12/2012 Megan L Pilarcik & Dave Pilarcik
5. Anja Von Waldstadt VCD2 RE MX MXS MXJ MJB OF 11/11/2012 Renee Fulcer


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